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How to restore packages on the build server?

I migrated away from MSBuild- based NuGet package restore, to use Automatic Package Restore, and everything sounds perfect on my local machine, but seems like impossible to get the nugetter process...

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Add property to abort package if unit tests failed

Can you add property to abort package if unit test failed ?

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Version seed XPATH should fall back to Solution[@name='Default']

I was actually surprised to find out that NuGetter doesn't already support this. My XML version seed contains a "Default" solution configuration that I want to use. The TfsVersioning build activit...

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API keys should not be limited to GUIDs

As the title states, API keys can be anything. Not just GUIDs. I understand that you use a regex pattern to distinguish between file paths and keys, but you can do better than that. Add another act...

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NuGetter has hard dependency on TFSVersion

Version 2.2 beta of NuGetter throws an exception during the build if TFSVersion is not in custom assemblies. I'm not sure if this is intentional, but it works without it in the stable version.

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TFS+Git project don't work with NuGetter

I've tried to use NuGetter 2.2 and there's no XAML build template for TFS + Git. is there any workaround?

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Template file has an error in the XAML

I realize this has been discussed before but none of those solutions helped my situation. I downloaded the build templates for TFS 2012; however, when I attempt to view the template I get an erro...

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API Key only accepts GUID format

The "API Key or File Path" TFS build process parameter only accepts GUID format. We're using nuget to push packages to Artifactory and uses username:password format for the API Key. This is docume...

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File not found (type FileNotFoundException)

I recive this error and i dont understand what file it do not found! Exception Message: File not found (type FileNotFoundException) Exception Stack Trace: at TfsBuild.NuGetter.Activities.XmlGe...

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replacement token version has no value

Hi, when launching nuget with -version on the command line, it works fine to replace $version$ in the nuspec file. But when using the nugetter template it reports the error in the issue title. Is t...

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