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Support SemVer spec for prerelease packaging


I am trying to create internal builds that package and deploy to a local NuGet repository. I have two build definitions, one that builds a prerelease debug version and another that builds a release version. I would like to be able to flag the prerelease version in the repository which is done by using SemVer sepcification for the file versioning. The AssemblyFileVersion does not support this specification, but the Assembly Informational Version attribute does. It seems that the NuGet command line will use the Assembly Informational Version attribute to create a "prerelease" package if you follow the SemVer spec for prerelease versioning. However, Nugetter uses -version to override in the versioning template. I like the ability to use TfsVersion patterns for the assembly and file versions, but is it possible to setup my build to use the prerelease versioning spec?

Version 2.0 supports semantic versioning.