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A Beginner in TFS 2012 and Nugetter

Nov 8, 2013 at 8:04 AM

I have setup a private nuget feed and using nugetter build template for my builds in TFS. I am pushing the nuget package on to my nuget server. This works fine if in IIS on the web site i have provide All User in authentication Rules. But When i try to configure the authentication rule to only administrator group my package fails to push since it is asking username and password two more parameter for Push command. My question is TFS Build services account users is a part of the same administrator group on Nugget server and we are executing build in the same user profile so ideally it should have authenticated the users account for pushing the Nugget package without username and password.
Also secondly how can I push the package without actually passing API key hardcodedly in Build Process template
Any help is appreciated...